!! OMG, Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now: Dick Slang !!

Dick Slang is the new dance that all the young folk are doing! The gist of it is that you put on some loose basketball shorts and shake your half-hard penis bulge around with your bros. Enjoy the demonstration, and happy Friday– I need to go practice my Dick Slanging!
[Via Queerty]

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10 Comments on "OMG, Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now: Dick Slang"

  1. Dear Veg,
    I agree with you. How dare she make such a comment about such a significant black-culture moment.
    It is such a “step forward” for any race.

  2. Dear VEG,
    ANYTHING ANYONE says about blacks is considered racist by them.
    I once actually complimented a black woman and she started bitching about me being racist because she was to ionto herself to actually LISTEN to what I was saying. It was not in EBONICs and she doesn’t have a clue about sentence structure.
    So who gives a flopping_dick_dance!

  3. bee– it’s racist because if a bunch of white people did a dumb dance no one would ever consider it to be a referendum on the entire race. it would just be considered a dumb dance. every time a black person does something it shouldn’t reflect on every black person in the world. people are individuals.

  4. veg – how is that comment racist? If a bunch of white/latino/asian people did this, it’d be a step back for their race, too. It’s gross. Therefore, a step back for any race.
    Stop being one of THOSE people who make EVERYTHING into “you’re racist.” Chill the fuck out.

  5. Gold, you ignorantly said: “well thats one step back for their race.”
    You are a bigot and a racist (and white gay racist men like you are definitely the worse racists out there).

  6. The only guy who has a dick worth looking at is the guy in the grew shorts on the left.
    Everyone else – especially the skinny one – ain’t packing shit.
    But I’ll admit. I love seeing a hot man in basketball shorts with a big package.

  7. did they tape the sex party they clearly had after this?

  8. well thats one step back for their race.
    so sad.

  9. Wow. Seriously? Wow. Umm… Not to say I wouldn’t mind being smacked around by one of those things under their shorts, but still. Wow.
    Are these guys “straight”?

  10. Stuart Johnson | May 7, 2010 at 6:48 pm | Reply

    This could only be better if they were naked.

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