!! OMG, excuse my beauty !!

The cop should really have released this trannie fierceness after she uttered those immortal words. Genius. (via Bad Shape)

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4 Comments on "OMG, excuse my beauty"

  1. That cop was really nice. Most cops in my experience would have treated her quite nastily.

  2. Why is it, that someone like this gal here, somehow is a less worthy human being? Someone you can just feel free to make fun of, or put down? Never judge a book by it’s cover, right? We don’t know this persons life. For way too long now, gays have been treated like second class, or worse. Should we just go ahead, and find others to treat the same way? It’s so easy to do. Especially with someone like “Steven” here. So what if (s)he want’s to live his/her life in this state of being. Sure the line: ‘Exuse my beauty’, is “funny” to most of us. But I would rather look like that, than be a person who makes fun of others, or treat them like they don’t deserve the same level of respect, as “the rest of us”. I just think it’s sad, that’s all. Thank you.

  3. Oh. My. Gawd. Her voice was buggin meeeeeeee.

  4. I gotta tell you. I am so thankful the cops were not assholes to her. You can make fun all you want, but transsexuals have a hard, hard life. You think you got it bad? You have NO idea.

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