9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Sezer Yurtseven"

  1. no penis seen, but from behind butts, low, very low hanging balls can be cearly noticed! A “pelotudo” Or “huevon” in Spanish!

  2. Glyn was fugly. Sezer was the most arrogant asshole EVER. He was voted out with the highest percentage of votes EVER in Big brother UK history. You should look up Pete from the same year, his cock was HUGE!

  3. Markus Dorst | April 16, 2008 at 4:50 am | Reply

    What a beautiful (according to the name Turkish?) young man! I wish they had such guys on the German Big Brother – and ours are far more modest in showing their bodies, unfortunately, too.

  4. There’s something not hot about him.
    And that booty is a tad on the flat side…

  5. ok he is cute, but this is from a big brother almost two years ago.
    You should post some nudes of Glyn the welsh 18 year old as well, he went naked alot 😀

  6. He definitely isn’t shy.
    He’s got a cute ass (and from what can be seen hanging between those legs, a pretty nice cock too)!

  7. his nuts are massiv lol

  8. awww… he is adorable. just my type 🙂

  9. Where’s The Beef?

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