!! OMG, favorite cover of 2010: ‘Gimme More’ !!

Legendary diva Kevin Aviance has reworked Britney Spears’s rock-bottom single “Gimme More” with a lot of punch and scary man growls. We will be hearing this on the dance floor if I have to play it myself. (Thanks to Jonny for the tip!)

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7 Comments on "OMG, favorite cover of 2010: ‘Gimme More’"

  1. the song: werk! the video: revolting.
    honestly, Miss Aviance is a LEGEND, and Jonny’s “bright lights in the bathroom” treatment in this video is a travesty. and deleting the negative comments from the vid on youtube’s not gonna make it any better, jonny. man up. it looked terrible when you did it to Linda in Timebomb and it doesn’t work here either. sargent beverly had better videos and she was a hot mess.

  2. This is terrible. Britney’s is much better. Aviance isn’t much a drag queen either, just a big flamer without wit or much talent. Francoise Sagat singing along with Britney as he brushes his teeth: now THAT is a work of art. Wish I could find that video now.

  3. Yeah, won’t get nasty but not a fan…

  4. I’m gonna say this here since it was deleted when I commented this on the video on youtube. The song: Amazing. Kevin Aviance: Amazing. Jonny McGovern shaking a cam in Kevin’s face while he dances around in drag in a bathtub – TERRIBLE!
    Also, Jonny, stop deleting comments you don’t like, it’s not like we’re trashing some giant production you worked so hard on. I’m sure you have done a lot less with 30 minutes than the time it took to make this.

  5. bobbie johnson | January 9, 2010 at 5:32 am | Reply

    love it! britney wishes she was as good as kevin aviance!

  6. this is awesome! the vid is raw and amazing just like kevin aviance!

  7. i cant get past the first 30 seconds the editing is so unpleasing to the eye…just fucking awful

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