!! OMG, flop-tastic: Lindsay Lohan in the ‘Liz & Dick’ teaser trailer !!

Yikes. The teaser trailer for Lindsay Lohan‘s career-rebooting portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor is here and, oh my, is it bad. Not so rebooting, after all. The video divulges almost zero dialogue — or, you know, acting — from Lohan, besides a rather tepid, “You’re sleeping with that bitch!” By comparison, Katie Holmes‘ turn as Jackie Kennedy on Reelz suddenly seems Emmy-worthy.

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2 Comments on "OMG, flop-tastic: Lindsay Lohan in the ‘Liz & Dick’ teaser trailer"

  1. It sounds like she says “You’re screwy! That witch!” LOL. I’ve been a Lindsay fan from the getgo, but this “biggest television event” is probably one event I won’t be attending. But, if I do, it’ll be for Grant Bowler, David Eigenberg, and of course, to critique the fashion… and secretly, to see if LiLo has any chance of a comeback, even though my conscience’s telling me; “Seriously? She recently went to jail… AGAIN!!! This is something that is never, ever, EVER going to happen… At least not in this lifetime.”

  2. The Kennedys was originally supposed to air on History and then ended up on Reelz… not Lifetime.

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