!! OMG, he’s naked: Anton Thompson Coon !!

It may have been Anton Thompson Coon‘s first movie role, but clearly the young Finnish actor was able to fully commit to his part in this year’s “Kohta 18.” After the jump, see stills from a shower scene in which Thompson bares both the requisite butt shot and an unexpectedly impressive peen shot. NSFW, obviously.

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11 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Anton Thompson Coon"

  1. anthony williams | March 17, 2014 at 3:05 am | Reply

    In an earlier comment, Ryan was complimentary about actors from Europe and Australia- who dont seem to have a problem showing off their ‘junk’ when the script requires it. Many Australians laugh heartily at TV or film nudity; and our media code restricts TV nudity till the evening hours. There will always be those who want to complain about anything that might appear to them to be overtly sexual; nudity isn’t- on a beach, around a home, in an art gallery or on film. And fortunately we have community authorities who apply a test of reasonable intent. Thank goodness I live in a country that isn’t overly prudish, that tolerates various points of view, and doesnt respond automatically to any of the manufactured ‘outrage’ so prevalent in other countries. Our actors are well-trained to explore the world of ideas, not dogma; and tolerance of nudity is a good indicator of a healthy society.

  2. damn I absolutely love people from the UK, EUROPE and Australia. they are always willing to show off their uncut cocks. in north america its indecent exposure in these countries it seems to be 100% acceptable.

  3. very nice Boy, and the Cock is …

  4. Dear Steve,
    We always credit our image source at the bottom of the post (and always have). Thanks for the name correction. It’s been fixed.
    xo Frank

  5. Oooh, me like. He’s a MAJAH cutie!

  6. an awesome body complete:with uncut cock!

  7. It is a good thing he’s uncut- the way God our Lord intended it be. Cut looks ugly, the nasty scar and colour differences is just not appealing. But this, yes please. And cut guys keep themselves more clean then cut, because they know they have to.

  8. I’d like to “Finnish” him off – what a cute guy.

  9. Marvelous! I wish I could see the film.

  10. if you’re just going to blatantly steal all your celebrity nudes from that other site (yeah, you know the one I’m talking about) without giving any credit to the original capper, you could at least make an attempt to copy and paste the name of the actor correctly. this guy’s name is “Anton Thompson Coon”

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