!! OMG, :( :( :( : Gay Marriage Fails in New York !!

The gay marriage vote in NY was a total bust, with 24 voting yes and 38 voting no. Zero republicans voted in favor, despite the fake promises of NYC’s pig mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Naturally Senator Hiram Monserrate, the Queens Democrat who slashed his girlfriend in the face with a broken glass, voted NO. Here’s to the sanctity of marriage!

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8 Comments on "OMG, :( :( :( : Gay Marriage Fails in New York"

  1. Memo to the Log Cabin Repuglicans:
    Not ONE single GOP NY state senator voted in favor. TAKE THE HINT!!!!

  2. Amen, Bmad.

  3. Meowzer, I totally disagree! The whole point of the gay movement is NOT just so we can get married. Those who want to get married should obvs be able to. Those who want to be 300lb bears in tiaras and feather boas should be able to do that too. The point of all of this is so that gay people can be whatever the hell they want to be, whether it’s a baseball cap-wearing preppie or a fagged out queen. telling people that they should stifle themselves so that we can advance our collective rights completely defeats the purpose.
    And to Shannon, no, as far as I know no one at this blog is encouraging anyone to take us very seriously.

  4. i have to agree with shannon. how are we as a community going to get what we deserve when we readily make ourselves look like laughing stocks.
    Granted, everyone deserves to live and let live, look as they choose, live their lives as they see fit. HOWEVER, we’re fighting a bunch of homophobic bigots for the control of our lives. As much as i don’t want to “assimilate”, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, be accepted, then jump ship and do whatever you please. It’s like coming out at work… do it, don’t change anything about yourself, and slowly work your way out of the box.

  5. If we would like to be taken seriously perhaps a tiara and a feather boa on a 300 pound bear wasnt the image to present.

  6. This is sad. We’re fortunate in South Africa that our constitution allows for same-sex marriage but it sucks that my American husband and I will still just be boyfriends in the US.

  7. Angry about the NY Marriage Equality vote?

  8. This is just so dumb. I just don’t get it. It all comes down to people wanting control over other people. Let people live their life. As long as they are not harming someone else who cares. Life is short enjoy everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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