!! OMG, gayface really exists: Scientists discover shape differences in faces of gay & straight men !!

The “Gayface”! For years our community has joked about that frozen stare you sometimes get from another guy walking down the street directed towards you. That pronounced raised-eyebrow kind of look, an intense pursed lip maybe. A gaze falls upon you where you’re not quite sure whether that person you’re looking at wants to sleep with you, or actually just wants to claw your eyes out (SPOILER: They probably just want to claw my eyes out).
ANYWAY, scientists are about to blow your mind away this week again by coming forward with FACTUAL EVIDENCE that there are, in fact, very specific varying traits that differentiate a homosexual male’s face to a heterosexual male’s face. According to FeelGuide.com

“From Homosexual men showed relatively wider and shorter faces, smaller and shorter noses, and rather massive and more rounded jaws, resulting in a mosaic of both feminine and masculine features. In Study 2, we tested the accuracy of sexual orientation judgment from standardized facial photos which were assessed by 80 independent raters. Binary logistic regression showed no effect of attributed sexual orientation on self-reported sexual orientation. However, homosexual men were rated as more masculine than heterosexual men, which may explain the misjudgment of sexual orientation. Thus, our results showed that differences in facial morphology of homosexual and heterosexual men do not simply mirror variation in femininity, and the stereotypic association of feminine looking men as homosexual may confound judgments of sexual orientation.”

You didn’t even finish reading that quote did you? You’re totally scanning through Facebook right now checking out questionable straight guys’ mugs. Anyway, I’m digging the part about how we’re more butch than straight dudes. HA! Science, has done it again!

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