!! OMG, Contest Alert: Get chicken in your pubes and win something !!

Dear readers! You may have heard that yesterday KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken!) began issuing a sandwich called the “Double Down,” which features two pieces of fried chicken where the bun should be. There’s also a weird yellow sauce that I don’t think is mustard. Yum!
While other blogs are busy reviewing the obviously-delicious concoction, we here at OMG Blog are going to celebrate the culinary landmark in our own special way. Readers, we want you to send us photos of yourself eating the Double Down. The catch? You must be nude or shirtless.

I’ll select several nominees from the entries, and the winner will be voted on by readers. You have until next Monday at midnight to send your photos to [email protected]!
(What’s the prize, you ask? I don’t know yet, but we’ll come up with something good!)

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8 Comments on "OMG, Contest Alert: Get chicken in your pubes and win something"

  1. I had one last night and it was pretty good. Sauce was not mustard. An article I read said it was 550 calories, but had 1000 mg of sodium, so the calories was ok, just too much salt in it. I did not get any sides or soda, so just had the sandwich and water to drink.

  2. Yeah, as Tyra would say, “Smile with your”… oh, wait….

  3. Everyone is touting this caloric creation as a “heart attack wrapped in paper”. Actually there are several burgers at McD’s, Burger King, and all the others that have hundreds more calories (it’s all on their websites). So get going OMGers. Get the dig-cam, grab a double down, drop those Calvin Kleins, and smile, smile, smile.

  4. The real question is Do we really want to see the kind of person who would eat something like this naked?

  5. Oh, I think someone would be happy to deliver one to you, Bmad.

  6. i was going to but there’s no KFC near me!

  7. You first, Bmad. 🙂

  8. Sweet….but I would have said just naked!!!

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