!! OMG, Get Him Naked: Zack Rosen !!

OMG pal and all-around cutie Zack Rosen of The New Gay has a mission: to get nude and earn a scholarship to Netroots Nation, the progressive blogger conference thingy.
Zack has promised that if enough people vote for him to win the scholarship, he’ll treat the world to a picture of himself posing with a giant bone! And unlike Levi Johnston, I trust that he’s telling the truth. So why not go vote?
If you want a semi-NSFW preview of the goods (duh!), it’s after the jump.

Now who could say no to that? If you’re unconvinced, though, more information about Zack’s quest to flash his massive erection can be found at Fleshbot. Otherwise, just do your part!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Get Him Naked: Zack Rosen"

  1. He won, so where’s our pic

  2. just checked the site and i think it’s not announced yet?

  3. … so?

  4. Times up. Did he win?

  5. WANT!!!

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