!! OMG, golden tower: L’Uritonnoir by Les Ekovores !!

…and from one front bum fluid to another: L’Uritonnoir is a cross between a urinal (“urinoir”) and a funnel (“entonnoir”).
The urinal funnel comes in either flat-pack polypropylene or stainless steel and is simply pushed in and strapped on to a straw bale, where, once peeped on the bail starts to decompose from the inside.
Les Ekovores suggest the straw bail urinal can then be used horticulturally, by local farmers or as a planter itself the following year.
Follow the jump for more photos plus diagrams explaining the process of installation and decomposition. Production starts in June and L’Uritonnoir will debut at French festival Hellfest this year.
Let’s just hope nobody takes acid and decides to take a crap in it!

[via dezeen]

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  1. *bale
    One bails with a pail, but hay bales are correct for this tale.

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