!! OMG, gossip: Brangelina’s pet names for each other are adorable !!

brad and angie for asprey.jpg
Guess what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie call each other? Miffy and Kitty [socialite life]
In case you’re in need of advice: How to tell your parents you’re a prostitute [jezebel]
OMG, Amanda Bynes has been charged with two hit and runs [popbytes]
Does actor Craig Hurley look like an emaciated Tom Cruise or what? [celebrity cafe]
Get your iPod ready for: Kitten [arjan]
Disney brings the people together — Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are each other’s new besties [evil beet]
…And speaking of LiLo, apparently she’d like President Obama to take care of her taxes [dlisted]
OMG, listen to the first track of Barbra Streisand‘s upcoming album of unreleased songs [kenneth]
Today’s hottest guy: Parker Young [oh la la]
Miley Cyrus is fo realz obsessed with her new haircut [amy grindhouse]
The Gay Beatles are back! [after elton]
If you’re an NFL fan (hey, it happens), then this is you [double viking]
…And speaking of football, a Minnesota Viking and a Baltimore Raven are banding together to stick up for the gays [towleroad]
Gag: Chris Brown and Rihanna kissed at last night’s VMAs [allie]
Robert Pattinson may in fact be a gay man — Kristen Stewart told British Vogue he likes to lick armpits [celebitchy]
Check out the top LGBT highlights of the Democratic National Convention [joe]
It’s hard being Kelsey Grammer, ok? [tabloid prodigy]
TGIF: Shirtless Friday! [berry]

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