!! OMG, watch the ‘making of’ video: The Warwick rowing team’s naked calendar !!

Warwick University’s rowing team is probably better known for its fundraising tactics than its actual rowing — that’s because the British athletes have stripped down to pose for a naked calendar, the profits of which will go toward their $3,200 wardrobe costs. Ironic, right? After the jump, see a NSFW behind-the-scenes video of the calendar shoot.

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2 Comments on "OMG, watch the ‘making of’ video: The Warwick rowing team’s naked calendar"

  1. I’m surprised that YouTube allows this many butt shots.

  2. Hi, Guys
    I’m the photographer and producer of the Warwick Rowing calendar and film. Thanks for flagging up our pitch on Crowdfunder, which is a first for us and going really well!
    On Crowdfunder we’re offering rewards and special offers, including the opportunity to come along to a naked photo shoot, to cover the production costs of the calendar and film. Not the wardrobe costs, which were happily zero! And the point of it all is that more of the proceeds when we release the calendar and film can go to charity, including the team’s own outreach programme for young kids.

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