!! OMG gossip: Gas is too expensive for Diddy !!

Diddy can’t afford oil for his private jet, takes American Airlines [dlisted]
Anderson Cooper surrounded by prisoners. This could be the cover shot of a gay porn movie [bwe]
Anna Wintour stills knows what’s best… for everyone [jezebel]
Brad Pitt wants to have more babies than any other star in Hollywood [socialite life]
George Michael has performed for the last time [popbytes]
Tara Reid has launched a fabulously boring fashion line [hollywood tuna]
Kid Rock will not endorse a political candidate [hollywood backwash]
Benji Madden wears only the classiest t-shirts [hollywood rag]
Samantha Ronson has already lived enough to write a memoir [lainey gossip]
Jenna Jameson is having a baby [gabby babble]
Dr. Dre’s son found dead in his bedroom [bitten and bound]
Michael Bolton could not sing romantically enough for Nicolette Sheridan to remain his girlfriend [candy kirby]
Matthew McConaughey’s mom is deadly in bed. For real [daily stab]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Gas is too expensive for Diddy"

  1. OMG! i am so upset that diddy can’t afford gas for his jet, i always make sure i have enough money for jet fuel set aside so my jet never runs out. he makes me sick, he has all this money and flaunts it and than has the nerve to bitch and moan about the price of jet fuel. hello there are real people that are struggling in america that don’t walk around in $10,000 suits and have $50,000 worth of bling on. i mean if he expects a pity party he has another thing coming. it’s not like he gets paid for actually doing anything, cause hello he can’t even make up his own songs, he has to sample everyone else’s stuff and then say he made it. just like his new reality show, it’s a joke, it should be called, diddy the idiot. i mean come on the guy can’t make up his mind what name he wants to go by, diddy, p. diddy, sean combs, how about HAS BEEN.

  2. On Kid Rock:
    While I do agree that people should focus less on celebrity endorsements, I seriously think it’s dumb logic for Kid Rock to deduce that simply because he knows nothing about politics, the case must be true for every other celebrity.
    There’s a pretty huge divide between Kid Rock and say, Oprah Winfrey.

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