!! OMG, how unfortunate: Clintons 4 McCain !!

Meet Clintons 4 McCain: aka a bunch of white conspiracy theorists looking for any reason not to vote for a black person. Quoth the ringleader, “People like me would not vote for him.” (via WOW Report)

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13 Comments on "OMG, how unfortunate: Clintons 4 McCain"

  1. Hillary Speaks F♥R Me | September 8, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    I am a black woman who has been a Democrat for 20 years. Im also a Hillary4McCain voter.
    Boy you are as closed minded as you make us out to be. To make such assumptons becasue someone does not share your view..
    This is America and we are all free to vote the way we please.
    I think yo are the pot calling the kettle BLACK. Asswipe.

  2. Great retort notjamie. It’s shows all the thought you must have put into deciding to vote for Obama.
    Yes, not to vote for Obama must be racist. So sad.

  3. @jamie, you are racist. and i don’t need to prove it because you just are.
    i love clinton4mccain rhetoric.

  4. Stop telling me I’m racist for not wanting to vote for Obama. I don’t want to vote for him because I think he will be a bad president. I think he is disingenuous, has no ideas and is an egomaniac.
    Do you want to know what I think is racist. It’s just as racist to vote FOR someone because they are back, as it is NOT to vote for someone becuase they are black. Both are racist.

  5. Whatever stupid reason these people who can’t get over Hillary have, doesn’t mean you should use the word retarded in your title.
    It’s so offensive and mean spirited.

  6. They’re not Hillary supporters. They’re Republicans trying to stir up trouble among the Democrats.

  7. Yikes. Nothing I hate more than a lippy, blonde, ugly bitch. (just kidding…)

  8. And the fact that to de-register as a muslim in Indonesia is a capital offense never crossed her mind?
    God, seeing people like this, sometimes we (inhabitants of Unamerica) think Americans _deserve_ McCain. Most of them (you?) don’t realise there is no magic safety net shielding the USA from collapse or poverty, don’t realise that right now Russia is actually on the democratic side of the new Cold War and they’re on the feudal authoteranian side.

  9. I’m not voting for him either.

  10. “Where are your facts?”
    “You know what? I’m NOT going to tell you that!”
    lol I haven’t heard that excuse since 3rd grade!

  11. Not qualified to be president? The only requirements to be US President is 1)be a natural born citizen of the united States, 2)
    be at least 35 years old, and 3)
    have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years. (Old, White & Christian are not pre-qualifications.)

  12. … oh and the middle one looks like mAnn Coulter. Coincidence?

  13. So let me get this straight; these bitches are pouting because they didn’t get what they wanted, so they’re going to vote for a party they don’t even support that will bring another 4 of the same years as the last 8 have been OUT OF SPITE???? Obnoxious attitude aside, this is childish! It’s like something you’d see on the playground at an elementary school.
    “Becky! if you’re not going to share your barbies, i’m not coming to your birthday party! And i’m also going to go and play with Headgear Heather- you know, the one who beats up the 1st graders for their milk money. We’re gonna be bestest friends and you can’t come because you’re poopy”

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