!! OMG gossip: Katie Holmes’s Broadway debut !!

Is Broadway ready for Katie Holmes? [popbytes]
Demi Moore is Punk’d by a poster [webster’s is my bitch]
Faith Evans tells all in her new book [the ybf]
In case you needed another reason to be scared of McDonald’s [witz]
Britney Spears is escaping to France! [celebslam]
Fourfour interviewed Margaret Cho [fourfour]
Someone thinks Sienna Miller is a “slut” [celebitchy]
Bride tasered at her own wedding! [dlisted]
LL Cool J kicks President Bush while he’s down [gabby babble]
My favorite part about the Olympics is always the Russian gay kissing [yeeeah]
At what point do children learn to like trucks or Barbies? And more importantly, why? [jezebel]

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