!! OMG gossip: Katy Perry’s cake walk !!

Katy Perry doesn’t just fall on stage, she does it with cake [popoholic]
Sen. Joe Biden comes out against Proposition 8. Applause. [queerty]
Elizabeth Hasselbeck resents that everyone points out her obvious similarities to fellow blond conservative hack Ann Coulter [jossip]
Madonna gets personal on stage hours after her divorce announcement [wimb]
Prince William seen talking to Paris Hilton. Could this be the end of culture? [dlisted]
Elizabeth Hurley and her breasts pose with the royal guard [jezebel]
Amy Adams crosses over to the dark side [pajiba]
John McCain used to be sexy [college candy]
Zac Efron looks better with a little facial hair [popbytes]
Mark Wahlberg cannot take a joke [the blemish]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Katy Perry’s cake walk"

  1. “Katy Perry doesn’t just fall on stage, she does it with cake”
    the funniest thing I have seen. I love her…she is hilarious and does anyone else thinks she is hot…my partner and I think so!

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