!! OMG, why not?: Acne Underwear Posers !!

You can’t go wrong with a cute vintage Paul Newmany guy dancing around in his socks and undies on film…so check out the quietly hot video of Acne Jeans Underwear for Fall Winter ’08 above.

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7 Comments on "OMG, why not?: Acne Underwear Posers"

  1. His package peeped 5:24

  2. Um way to steal Napoleon’s sweet dance moves dude.

  3. He looks like Ryan Phillippe at times (a big compliment), such a cool video.

  4. Who is this guy? Does ANYBODY know? I agree…I don’t think I’ve swooned this much for a guy since high school! Thanks OMG

  5. I’ve never heard of ACNE underwear. The first thing I thought of when I saw this clip was ‘Pimple Pants’. The guy is cute, and I really like the Beige pants. Looks almost like ‘no pants’. Where can one find ACNE undies?

  6. I’ve known this video for a while and I find it smashing. Anyway, I haven’t been able lo listen to the music. Is is my computer or just a regular video aspect?

  7. OMG, this is about the hottest thing I’ve seen on this site! What a cute guy! Nice body, and sweet package! He can dance in his underwear anytime!
    Oh, and that b&w photo of Paul Newman in EW a couple weeks ago – hawttt!!! 😉

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