!! OMG gossip: Michael Phelps the party guy !!

OMG Michael Phelps smokes pot! [potp]
Tom, Katie, and Suri vacation in Rio. If I remember correctly, that is where the volcano home of Xenu lies. [dlisted]
Orlando Bloom talks shirtless on his cellie [l.a. rag mag]
Chace Crawford and the rest of the cast of Gossip Girl plays tackle football for DirecTV [socialite life]
Morrissey and his band get naked for their latest album cover [wow]
Former pastor Ted Haggard gets grilled by Oprah [the sword, link NSFW]
Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is finding her own fierce trannie hot mess sense of style [popbytes]
Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West pose for the camera [bryanboy]
From the mouth of cubicle warrior. That is: the guy who remotely controls real weapons killing real people from the comfort of his desk. [andrew sullivan]
Former Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele is the first black man to be appointed chair of the Republican Party. He’s a moderate too… Are the Republicans trying to get their Obama on? [towleroad]
Wheel of Fortune studio audience baffled when contestant introduces his “fiance, Chuck” [slog]

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