!! OMG, circle-jerker: Robbie Williams !!

Apparently, during Robbie Williams‘ days as a part of the group Take That in the nineties, he and band-mate Howard Donald had a tug in front of each other as Mark Owen looked on. I guess that makes it more of a “line-jerk” with a tangential observer. Geometry porn!
Thanks to Eric for the tip.

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5 Comments on "OMG, circle-jerker: Robbie Williams"

  1. robbie having a wank. HEAVEN!

  2. He’s the one in the red/blue plaid shirt, right? A Google search came out with him showing his bum recently…
    But I’m more intrigued by the fact that the third guy only “looked on” — what was going on? Did they not want Mark to join in on the fun?

  3. how did that even come up in an interview? “oh yeah one time we hooked up with a fan.” “oh BTW remember that one time we jerked off in front of each other”?

  4. I’m so disappointed….where’s the photo????

  5. Any pics of that??

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