!! OMG, they read OMG: Michael Stipe and Thomas Dozol !!

Faithful reader Rae Ann sent us the most amazing thing today: This interview on The Selby with Michael Stipe and his partner, artist Thomas Dozol, where they talk about each other, Thomas’s most recent photography exhibition, Paris, New York, and our humble little blog!

Well they don’t really talk about OMG.BLOG, but they do include it in their list of links, which is very selective! We are so flattered and excited by this. So Thomas and Michael, if you’re reading: thank you for the shout-out. Whether it’s the cute puppies or the naked guys that keep you coming back, we are happy to entertain you.

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6 Comments on "OMG, they read OMG: Michael Stipe and Thomas Dozol"

  1. Congrats Frank, Graydon and Kevin, you deserve it!
    Gail xo

  2. OMG that’s so cool

  3. one can plainly see that they love each other.

  4. Frank,
    You are a Class Act.
    This is why we love you.

  5. They fucking rock.

  6. wow! wowwow! two of my favorite things together…this hardly ever happens to me. stipe is a hero of mine, has been for about a quarter of a century, and i read this blog daily. here’s to self-proclaimed queer artists keeping it real with the puppies and nude men!!! muah!

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