!! OMG gossip: No poon for Robert Pattinson !!

Robert Pattinson is having trouble finding sex in New York [socialite life]
Jennifer Aniston to be the the James Bond franchise’s most predictable, vanilla Bond Girl [anything hollywood]
The Jonas Brothers are branding a clothing line for young girls. Make of it what you will. [wimb]
OMG celebrity buttcrack alert! [cityrag]
Harry Connick Junior’s body is expanding while his face stays the same [l.a. rag mag]
Angelina Jolie hangs outside a building by a rope, and she’s not playing Lara Croft! [popbytes]
Mother of 21-year-old man with Downs Syndrome asks, “Will anyone sleep with my son?” [bwe]
OMG best abs in Hollywood! [pajiba]
Prince Charles has a good eye for luscious black booty [wow report]
Zac Efron gets dirty for Interview magazine [dlisted]
NAACP loves the gays [towleroad]
OMG sad cat in the shower! [urlesque]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: No poon for Robert Pattinson"

  1. The “celebrity coinslot” link contains a virus that poses as anitvirus software. You might want to cut the link.

  2. Here is a suggestion for Robert Pattinson if he wants to get laid: take a fucking shower, dude.

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