!! OMG, we’re okay: Says Ikea !!

Some Polish Catholics apparently had a fit over gays being represented in an IKEA CATALOGUE (pages 54-57). Ikea was pressured to respond to the letters from the angry Catholics so they issued this statement:

Homosexuality is one of the essential elements of living in contemporary society.

Acceptance often seems to come through commercialism…

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4 Comments on "OMG, we’re okay: Says Ikea"

  1. Hmmm, so you think the ‘next 4-8 years’ might change things do you? With this fool in office here we will have nothing but more division since our Civil War! The Obama that so many wrongfully see as a hero is a disaster to everything American and he will be defeated via elections, opinion, and the disaster he is invoking on the USA.

  2. sweet stuff. good for them. typical swedes!

  3. I love how Ikea owned with that response.

  4. IKEA had a commercial running in Scandinavian Cinemas and on TV some 15 years ago, showing two guys preparing dinner in a kithchen. They start kissing, and soon they are on the table, making out madly, while ripping off eachothers clothes. And saying something like “Comfortable furniture from IKEA”. Even that long ago, people here in Denmark just laughed. It’s been such a none issue for so many years here. It amazes me how far countries like America are from feeling the same way. I hope these next 4-8 years will see a change to that! 🙂

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