!! OMG gossip: Remembering straight Ricky Martin !!

The 20 straightest photos of Ricky Martin [bwe]
OMG Simons Cowell said WHAT about Dancing With the Stars? [popeater]
Tiger Woods‘ mistresses tell all to Vanity Fair. These are some choice quotes. [superficial]
OMG Obama and the headdress [uncoached]
Christina Aguilera‘s new song “Not Myself Tonight” is a disappointing, overproduced mess [allie]
In Texas, parents can legally watch porn with their young children [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]
Hairy Animal Planet hunk Dave Salmoni gets naked and dons a corset for Flaunt [popbytes]
David Arquette loves cougars, lucky for Courteney Cox [betty]
Guess how Lindsay Lohan washes away her worries? [popsugar]
You wish you were in the pool with sexy Jon-Erik Hexum [kenneth]
OMG the Easter Bunny is gay! [towleroad]
Is Angelina Jolie a real life evil Disney queen? [dlisted]
OMG Mormon missionary porn! [bilerico, link nsfw]
Jesse James has actually dressed up as a Nazi [hollywood rag]
Shannen Doherty will dance no more [socialite life]
Justin Bieber is a dead ringer for one of Tiger Wood’s mistress. Could he be the missing link? [lainey]
Miley Cyrus‘s new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth did a nude scene on Australia TV. See it here. [the bosh, link nsfw]
Mischa Barton barfs outside the Chateau Marmont before carrying on with the rest of her night [l.a. rag mag]
OMG the most famous and tan woman in all of Philadelphia! [dirty]
Raquel Welch was too curvy for modeling [celeb smack]
With True Blood season 3 almost upon us, who is your VILF? [oh la la]
A Chinese man attempted to kill himself by shoving a cucumber up his butt. For real. [tabloid prodigy]
OMG the strongest girl in the world! [2leep]

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  1. wolverinetodd | April 1, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Reply

    You might be too young to remember, but Jon Erik Hexum died over 20 years ago in a freak prop gun accident. I can’t remember the tv show he was filming, but during a break he took the prop gun and held it to his head. Though the gun only contained blanks, at close range as it was, some of the fragments from the blank were fired into his skull and brain. He died from the injuries. I was so devastated because he was one of the first hairy bodied men I fell in love with in my early years of my gaydom.

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