!! OMG, How Accusatory: Johnny Weir on Evan Lysacek !!

Last night, Weir hint-hinted to that vodka woman that his archenemy, gold-medalist skater Evan Lysacek, might be a little light in his skates! Well mercy me! A gay figure skater! I never would have guessed!
Although the NBC commentator-monkeys did everything in their power during this year’s winter Olympics to imply an epic gay vs. straight figure-skating Battle Royale between queeny Weir and butch-as-nails Lysacek, it was clear as Astroglide all along that they’re both, you know, figure skaters and everything.
I’m curious to see what mud the Lysacek camp decides to throw back at Weir in retaliation. Perhaps damning allegations of wearing ridiculous leotards and maribou? Twirling? Give it a rest, boys!

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  1. If you’re an ice skater! Chances are people automatically think you’re a “fag”. It’s ignorant, but they do. I think he’s gay myself.

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