!! OMG, he’s naked: David Boreanaz !!

I think I had a crush on this guy when I was twelve. Does that make him a pedophile? I’m just kidding! Save your comments about Webster’s definition of pedophilia. I am making a joke. Just click the link below to see NSFW pics of The Dark Angel from “These Girls” after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip.


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28 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: David Boreanaz"

  1. David BOREANAZ, that’s a Czech name that he got from a Czech father. Czech men aren’t circumcised and most often, given David’s age, he’d be second or even first generation American. So there’s a good chance he isn’t circumcised and all the better! I’ve seen high-def caps and he looks uncut. It’s hot, so what?

  2. I watch him everyday on “BONES” and would love to get down between his legs and have a party with his ball and nuts.

  3. David isn’t uncircumcised or circumcised. He is INTACT, meaning he has his ENTIRE penis. Anyone who thinks having less penis is a good thing is fucking weird. Anyone who thinks scar tissue in place of healthy, nerve rich tissue is a good thing is weird. And anyone who thinks that a child being subjected to forced genital surgery is a good thing is weird. Plain and simple. The man is beautiful and a talented actor. Look at him and enjoy him.

  4. I’m looking at an uncut cock here, I’ve looked it over many times and that’s what I see.
    Sorry assholes, it’s just the case.

  5. If we are born with foreskin, then why should we mutilate ourselves? In some religions, it is for some strange reason believed that circumcision should be carried out. I beleive, if god made us with foreskin, then we should keep it. Why would he want us to chop off what he gave us?
    As for uncut cocks being ugly, I disagree. Then again I suppose if you live in a country where this mutilation is common, then you go with what you are used to. I think cut cocks are ugly but thats my opinion. And with soap and water on a daily basis, they dont stink. The hygiene part lies with the owner and does not contribute to the whole of the uncut population.

  6. Is David uncut ?

  7. comewhenyouareeighteen | December 12, 2008 at 4:05 pm | Reply

    I hate how some of these hateful messages are filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Shouldn’t you be at least in your senior year of high school to be coming to this kind of site and viewing this kind of material? I mean, really, “4skin”?!

  8. I have to agree 100% with Danny’s comment.
    Yes, some uncut cocks are UGLY…but let me tell you, I’ve seen some VERY UGLY cut cocks too and wouldn’t touching them with any of your mouths.
    But again, doesn’t really matter, I mean, if the guy is fucking HOT…who cares if he’s got some foreskin or not?
    I think that guys that have hang ups about uncut guys are really missing out on allot of fun.

  9. OK! The man is clearly CUT! It’s outrageous how people will go so far as to say how the clearly CUT are UNCUT! Like Prince William and his willie…the man is CUT, he’s Royalty, after mummy died, he was given to Royal civilization! he wasn’t going to look like the poor commoners of his Kingdom now was he?
    As to Biblical studies…the Bible is too altered, and if you want some right anwsers, go to the Coptic Bible, where we can find next to “real” traditions to Christians, but even that is wrong, but God did command Abraham to circumcise his children, that is why most Christianity is the Jewish SECT gone wrong! Plus, Christians for the most part in it’s early history have been very anti-science so very unhygenic, look at, sorry for saying this, Europeans as a whole! I’ve had many experiences with those men, gorgeous, but si disgusting down there! Penises look deformed, smells coming from everywhere, and the red-rockets! Are we still primitive barbarians? Oh God! We have brains and clothing now people! That is why Muslims who were very pro-science recommend circumcision, in the Haddith’s or sayings of Mohammed!
    In today’s world, we should know better, and circumcision has proven to be healthier than those uncut counterparts, like it or not! And those who enjoy red-rockets and pigs in a blanket…well, that’s nice, just don’t get stuck under that skin or you too will grow some kind of fungus! Smegma is their lube! Gross!

  10. …actually “AA” this thread began with a discussion about Americans being cut and “foreigners” not being cut… not about by whom and when it originated.
    Now as to what I think about the origins of circumcision… let me just say as someone who through circumstance studied the bible and ancient history as related to the bible for most of my early life… trust me there is nothing about the practice of circumcision for religious reasons as it is recorded in the bible and therefore it’s history with the ancient nation of Israel that I don’t know… next time… pay attention to what you are reading…
    And Rick… sorry… I rarely pay any attention to the comments so… hadn’t read or participated in all those other discussions and would not have done so in this one except I remain hacked off at my parents over this (it’s a personal power thing for me… don’t like people stealing my power) and so it felt good to vent…
    And finally, for those of you who think foreskins are ugly or unhygienic… let me just say… well yes some of them aren’t necessarily pretty just as some people’s faces are not necessarily pretty… but when they are… well… ooh-la-la! And if they’re nasty and given to diseases, it really is most likely because they aren’t kept clean or they are mal-formed… but I don’t think some of you want to be persuaded on that point and that’s ok because I don’t think any of the rest of us really care!

  11. Shaun Michaels, i have to agree with EuroTrashGayBoy on this, you are delusional.
    I do wish people would stop causing arguments about cocks everytime one gets listed on this site, its getting really lame

  12. I can’t believe how people are ignorant! If they have fetish about smegma, filthy cocks and things like that, that’s an issue of their own… Medical researches already gave their answer about uncut penises and their relation to several std’s including AIDS, penis cancer and female cancer in entire populations. Personally, I think uncut penises are almost always ugly-shaped, and, no matter how much their owners wash them, they always stink a bit…
    However, this debate between cut or uncut penises always seemed to me like some trace of white-power/anti-semitic values, although not only jewish people practiced circumcision, but also even earlier civilisations like ancient egyptians.
    By the way, I never went through circumcision, but, making use of a few professional-recomended exercises during childhood and puberty (in order to avoid surgery), my cock looks almost like a cut one, without the surgery scar… And I love it!! Lucky me!

  13. Shaun let me guess, you are cut.
    I’m guessing they must have cut half your brain off when they did your circumcision too because the bullshit you wrote can only come from a half brained twat. Coming from a country where circumcision is reserved for religious zealots I can guarantee you that we have no medical issues with our extra inches of incredibly pleasure prividing skin.
    Now If I was pig like you who only showers once a month and has no idea on how to wipe his own ass I could understand dirty foresking issues, but trust me not all of us are as dirty and disgusting as you and your dad you stupid cunt.
    See…. how does it feel when someone makes ignorant, and uninformed generalizations about. you?
    So sorry you have a small mutilated cock buddy, why dont you go all out and get yourself castrated,Asshole.
    Much love
    Ashton Cruz. (yes, that Ashton)

  14. EuroTrashGayBoy | November 28, 2008 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    Shaun,honey…you are delusional.

  15. Shaun Michaels | November 28, 2008 at 7:55 am | Reply

    Sogno,whos acting like the hick now? I dont even live in the states anymore. Why dont u go chew on ur wrinkly,cheesy,slimy,filthy,vile & unhygeinic 4skin? Uerotrash(says it all really)i know many uncut guys that have had so many problems,sex is horrible 4 them or theyve had 2 get cut 4 medical reasons(is that mutilation 2?)After they say how happy they are now,they proudly show off their trimmed & happy cocks! Danny,be glad ur cut & dont have the issues like most uncut people do. Ive been around all over the world for 20 years,sampled lots(I am after all quite a sexual & hot guy!)& cut always wins out 4 so many reasons. 4skin serves no purpose whatsovever! Clip it all!

  16. Actually circumcisions have been around long, long, long before Americans took on to it. Circumcisions date as far back as 2181 B.C. were it served as a practice that distinguished Jewish Christians and non Jewish Christians It didn’t really become the American norm until about 1870.
    Now with that being cleared up, who cares if he’s cut or uncut?! I don’t have a preference what’s so ever, long as the guy is clean and hygienic, makes no difference to me.

  17. LOL, Danny do you honestly think Americans invented circumcision? Something tells me they were doing it in, oh, i dont know, maybe Israel long before it got to America….

  18. why’s it matter if they’re cut or not? some people i swear to god have the weirdest fetishes.

  19. How can you tell if he is cut…maybe he has retracted the foreskin…he is a beautiful man!!

  20. Ohhhh… the controversy! Speaking as one of the millions of American men who was never given the opportunity to choose for himself… cut or don’t cut… it’s an antiquated practice that was started in the U.S. for reasons that no longer exist and I personally consider it to be a violation of my rights. I will never forgive my parents for having it done to me… and the fact that they never considered for a moment that I might one day have an opinion about it pisses me right off!
    Frankly… all those foreign types with their manhood intact are hot… but bottom-line… cut or uncut… men are wonderful! And while I wish me and all the other men in the world were uncut… in the end if he’s a sweetheart, who gives a shit… love the guy and be happy with whatever he’s got!

  21. I presume you don’t consider European actors “hot” then, Shaun Michaels? Europeans don’t feel the need to mutilate our bodies to please hicks like you. Go and chew some corn in one of your square states man.

  22. EuroTrashGayBoy | November 27, 2008 at 3:03 pm | Reply

    Yeah,so right dear Shaun Michaels ! Because Nothing Screams “Hot” Like A MUTILATED Penis…

  23. LOVING the hard abs and ass and everything else about him. I always thought he was hot in Buffy…now I know! He can sink his teeth into my neck anytime!

  24. hmmm, i always thought he’d have big legs and a bigger booty. still fine though.

  25. id do him in a heartbeat

  26. Shaun Michaels | November 27, 2008 at 9:53 am | Reply

    Looks good! Nice & thick & long & cut! Why dont hot(& clearly proud of what God gave them)Americans so afraid 2 show their goods? I want 2 see all the hot male actors cocks in full glory! Maybe its just me(tho I highly doubt it!)We need 2 show those uncut & ugly cocked foreigners nuthins better than 100% pure American beef!!!Wheres myprime rib again?

  27. Shaun Michaels | November 27, 2008 at 9:52 am | Reply

    Looks good! Nice & thick & long & cut! Why dont hot(& clearly proud of what God gave them)Americans so afraid 2 show their goods? I want 2 see all the hot male actors cocks in full glory! Maybe its just me(tho I highly doubt it!)We need 2 show those uncut & ugly cocked foreigners nuthins better than 100% pure American beef!!!Wheres myprime rib again?

  28. hmmmmmmm nice

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