!! OMG, Grown Man Cries Over Kathryn Bigelow !!

Well, I completely bombed out on my Oscar picks, but actually I hate the Oscars so who cares? At least Kathryn Bigelow won so the guy crying in the above video can dry his tears…
(I guess people crying about dumb things on YouTube is becoming some kind of “meme” now? Well hmm!)

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3 Comments on "OMG, Grown Man Cries Over Kathryn Bigelow"

  1. You all know this is a joke on the Justin Beiber video, right?

  2. he’s obviously not seen point break. it’s amazing what people will do for their 15 mins. of “fame.” he’s not even cute. i hope he doesn’t succeed.

  3. Slow newsday, Bmad?

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