!! OMG Harry Potter man on man action !!

Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter movies, got “snogged” by the presenter/host at the 2008 Whatsonstage Theatre Awards while accepting a trophy for his role in Equus.
Rather than getting weird about it, he’s a good sport and snogs right back.

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7 Comments on "OMG Harry Potter man on man action"

  1. OMG paedophile!

  2. OK, the whole thing where the guy runs his hand softly through Daniel’s hair makes this seem a bit more than just a joke or stunt. But then again, I’d like to run my fingers all over DR.

  3. Since the guy literally held Daniel’s head captive during the kiss, his only options really were to physically resist or go with it. Daniel is an actor, and has said one of the reasons he did the play Equus was to push his own boundaries. If he hadn’t snogged a guy publicly yet that’s another thing he can say he’s done. Those first several frozen seconds you can almost imagine weighing the options. I’d go with with the flow and have the gossip be what a sport I am, rather than push the guy away and be labeled homophobic or insecure. Now the guy that kissed him — assuming it wasn’t arranged — If he’d done that to a stranger on the street it would be considered assault. What a schmuck!

  4. OMG – Poor Daniel has encountered a real live Deatheater! That horrible creature was trying to suck the very life out of him!

  5. Odd. But funny.

  6. You know that queen was thinking, “this is my only chance, EVAH!” (I should know, ’cause I did the same thing to a crush years ago — however, I knew my crush was gay.) But bitch must not be that bad of a kisser for DR to kiss back…
    Either that, or DR was a chubby chaser and didn’t realize it until that moment of revelation…

  7. Holy crap! That was quite the kiss! Was that planned? Wow. I’m intrigued now.

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