!! OMG how racist…but funny !!

The blog STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE got me all in a huffy-fit, but that’s mainly cause it’s true. The things you hate about others are things you hate about yourself!
At the moment there are seventy some-odd things listed on the site that we “cauckies” love, including “Difficult Break-ups”, “Recycling”, and “Threatening to move to Canada”. Of course, if you’re Canadian, you threaten to move to Europe.
I just thought this was crap I liked cause I’m a boring old bitter hypocrite…but I guess I’m part of a community after all!

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5 Comments on "OMG how racist…but funny"

  1. I have to disagree with the part on that site about Sarah Silverman. On the other hand, dissing her and wondering how the hell she got famous is a popular pastime in my white social circle.

  2. It’s completely hilarious and true… Thanks for finding this, Graydon!

  3. You could more accurately name that blog “Stuff Latte Liberals Like”

  4. have you ever noticed how black guys drive like this and white guys drive like this?

  5. OMG I bet the writer of that blog is a totally hot Asian chick.
    There is a whole area of academia called “whiteness studies”.

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