!! OMG, he did it with a corpse !!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to desecrate the corpse of a 92-year-old woman. That must be what 23-year-old morgue lab tech Anthony Merino was thinking when he did it. He was thinking, right??
The only thing creepier than doing it with a dead lady is thinking the guy who did it is kind of hot. You’re not the only one, Michael K. Check out this photo:.
It’s from Anthony’s wicked MySpace page, which is like a big Playboy dance party. I suspect he used to have more MySpace friends before this news dropped, but the biggest question that remains is will the “hottest clubs in nyc” still let him sit in the VIP area? (via Dlisted)

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7 Comments on "OMG, he did it with a corpse"

  1. i’m guessing he’s one of the types whose personality turns you off so badly that you won’t hook up with him. everyone seems to agree that he’s an attractive guy… so, why else would he be so desperate that he would have sex with a dead 92 year-old woman, other than the fact that no one living will?!
    or he could just have a serious psychological problem…. but i think that’s obvious by now.

  2. were i to fuck a corpse it would not be one of a 100 year old dead lady.

  3. That is just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! I used to work at a funeral home and help out in the “work” room and there is NOTHING on God’s green earth that would ever make want to touch a dead body without protective gear on my own body. EWWWWWWWW!!!! I don’t care how hot he is (and yes he is HOT), EWWWWWW>>>>>>GROSSSS!!!

  4. hey frank! i was just reading something called “somnophilia” people who have sex with sleeping partners when i came across another entry called “necrophilia” – yep, that’s sex with a dead corpse. other than that, why a 92 year old grandma?

  5. hell, i’ll play dead for him to bang me 😉 … but to bang a REAL dead lady, sick!

  6. I’m surprised he didn’t list “Six Feet Under” as a favorite show.
    I guess this proves that necrophilia is not an act of desperation but a real compulsion. He’s actually quite hot and I’m sure he could’ve gotten a living sex partner. Yuck.

  7. Oh, how sad. And yeah, he’s cute…. but I have no idea why he’d want to bang a dead lady.

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