!! OMG, it’s official: Vajayjay !!

First popularized by Grey’s Anatomy and then by Oprah, now The NY Times is writing about the word “vajayjay,” which is becoming a popular alternative to the word “vagina.” Why? Because TV executives have expressed a desire to hear less “vagina” on the air.
Am I the only one who thinks “vajayjay” sounds more lewd than the word from which it sprung?
To help you mull this question, I bring you the Oprah’s vajayjay remix. You will never say “vagina” again after this:

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s official: Vajayjay"

  1. I’ve always use the word “Twa-la-la” to describe it. Not that I have one unless you consider my
    ” Man- Twa la-la ” then yes !!!

  2. I seem to recall “vajayjay” used on 30 Rock, bursting forth from the mouth of one Tracy Morgan. When did Grey’s start using it? Could it be that Tina Fey put it out there first? Please say yes.

  3. You can always use the word “pussy.” It works for me.

  4. A vagina, even called by any other name, is still GROSS!!!

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