!! OMG, he did not post his picture on that website !!

Remember John McCain? No, not the guy from the oatmeal commercial. That’s Wilford Brimley! To refresh your memory, John McCain is a Republican senior citizen who ran for president of the USA in 2008. He lost! Oh well!
Now the former presidential candidate– who is best known for screaming the word “f*ck” at his wife ten times in succession during a staff meeting– is now in hot water after his self-pic showed up on one of my favorite sites: Guys With iPhones. Although the picture (above!) is less than saucy, his office has been forced to issue a denial anyway.
A McCain rep tells TMZ that McCain “did not post on said website.” The rep goes on to make this a teachable moment, adding: “…once something is posted [on the Internet] we no longer have control of how the photo is used.”
Well jeez louise! So that’s how the internet works! You learn something new every day.
Oh, and now that John McCain’s good name is cleared… I’m not trying to start any rumors, but there’s an extremely tan man on Grindr who looks an awful lot like minority leader John Boehner. Does the Boehner office have anything to say about this?!
[TMZ via Joe. My. God]

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3 Comments on "OMG, he did not post his picture on that website"

  1. Flaming Liberal | April 6, 2010 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    First of all, it’s “buffoons” not “bafoons.” If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence by resorting to childlike name-calling, you might as well spell that name intelligently.
    Actually, Republicans don’t usually resign. They promote their indiscretions. For example, when Sarah Palin revealed herself to be a royal dumbass, rather than resigning she simply cast herself as a lowbrow “hockey mom” with whom the American people could identify (bringing in Joe the plumber cemented the deal). When her daughter got knocked up after Palin campaigned vehemently against sex education, it was “Aren’t we a great family for NOT encouraging Bristol to get an abortion?” Um, if you think abortion is wrong we’re not going to congratulate you for doing what you would force all women to do. That idiot who screamed “You lie!” is still reaping the benefits from his childish outburst in terms of social influence AND money.
    So, please, if you have any logic and rationality to contribute to the conversation and will spare us with those fallacious ad hominems, do so. Otherwise, I cordially invite you to take those tea bags out of your mouth and eat me.

  2. seems this posting hit some news feed which prompted a republican to post a talking point.
    to clark i say this: john ensign. there are others but it is a LONG list and i havet o go practice my wide stance whilst hiking on the appalachion trail.

  3. So, now lets see you make fun of ALL of the bafoons on the left side of the aisle. Republicans aren’t the only ones deserving of slamming you know. The biggest difference is that republicans usually resign or are demoted for their indiscretions, while the democrats promote theirs…yeah, way to lead you fools.

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