!! OMG, It’s Coming: The Real L Word !!

It’s starting again! But what could L stand for this time? Lattes? Lingonberries? Linda Lingle?! Who knows! This promo for the new Showtime reality series called The Real L Word certainly doesn’t make it very clear.
Wait. What’s that you say? Like last time, the L is for lesbian? Oh…
Well hmm! I’ve met a lot of lesbians in my day and none of them looked like this. Maybe it’s a California thing. At any rate, start planning your viewing parties ASAP! The Real L Word premieres in June on Showtime.

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2 Comments on "OMG, It’s Coming: The Real L Word"

  1. Ah, just what we need, more hot girls making out with each other on tv.
    I see this enough on basic cable…

  2. Showtime…..it’s time for another show about gay men. It’s been 5 years since ‘Queer as Folk’ went off the air. The girls have had ‘The L Word’ all this time while us guys have not had a show of our own. Why another lesbian show so soon?

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