!! OMG, he lied: David Sedaris !!

The clever sleuths at The New Republic have published a shocking exposé on gay author David Sedaris. It turns out that certain facts in his autobiographical collection of stories Naked were exaggerated and not wholly true! This could shake the very foundations of our society. (via Jockohomo)

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4 Comments on "OMG, he lied: David Sedaris"

  1. i don’t care how much exaggeration or embellishment is at play- the guy has made me laugh more than any modern writer.

  2. This is nothing new nor is it scandal. he openly discloses the he embellishes in order to get a better story. So, who cares?

  3. i can’t believe that anyone who reads the shitpie of a magazine
    the new republic would ever have enought sense to read david sedaris and if they did …they are too stupid to get it.
    they should have bigger fish to fry, and they do, but they are too chicken shit to fry them.
    david sedaris rocks.
    jack jett

  4. of course he lied… he’s a humorist and a writer – one of the BEST america has, had and will have.
    Who gives a shit if he exagerated, lied, whatever.. he writes books that make you laugh so hard your face and stomach hurts. William Bennett writes non-fiction that makes my head and soul hurt… let’s learn the difference!!!!!

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