!! OMG, he plays gay: Jim Carrey in I Love You Phillip Morris !!

If you’re confused by the above trailer for I Love You Phillp Morris (no nudity, but still semi-NSFW), you’re not the only one. Among the many baffling things about this movie is the title: doesn’t it sound like it should be about a man who really loves smoking? Well it’s not! As best I can tell it’s about a man played by Jim Carrey who is married to Leslie Mann but leaves her to become a gay con artist. Then he goes to jail where he falls in love with Ewan Macgregor, who plays a character named Phillip Morris. Sounds interesting! Maybe! But is it also offensive? Is it terrible? Or great!? Who knows– it’s been sitting unreleased on a shelf for years, but it’s hard to know if that’s because it sucks or because distributors were squeamish about releasing a Jim Carrey movie in which he has dirty gay sex. This trailer doesn’t really clear any of these questions up. Although I didn’t crack a smile once while watching it, so maybe that’s a clue.
And again, what’s with the title? It’s like naming a movie I Love You Lisa Frank and then having it have nothing to do with unicorns or stationery. What the f*ck?

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6 Comments on "OMG, he plays gay: Jim Carrey in I Love You Phillip Morris"

  1. Are you saying this movie has not been shown in the US nor Canada? Is it not even out on DVD?
    How strange! It was on the theatres here in Sweden last year and out on DVD since approx 6 months.

  2. It’s an amazing performance from Carrey, not my favourite actor usually.
    It’s a good film, worth watching. As others have said, if you’re going to review something a little research would have gone a long way.

  3. Seems amazing to me. I have nothing against Jim Carey so I’m all for it! Plus I love Ewan McGregor, so I’m down for it. I can’t wait until it’s officially released here in the US!

  4. and what’s your point again, maybereadsometimes?

  5. Maybereadsometimes | October 21, 2010 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    If you’re going to make it your job to publicly review media, do your research. You sound ignorant. It’s based on a true story, Phillip Morris was a fellow inmate who became Steven Russell’s lover for a short time. Steven Russell did escape from prison 5 times and is now serving a lifetime sentence in a high security prison.

  6. this film has been out for ages over here in the UK in fact i watched it on a plane journey to Florida back in August.
    i thought it was a good film (despite the fact that Jim Carrey is in it) and it’s actually based on a true story. this is quite hard 2 believe when when you consider that the character Carrey plays escapes from prison at least twice, evades capture for a ridiculously long time and carries out cons that any normal human being couldn’t even dream up in their own minds.
    i don’t know exactly how much of the film is based on actual fact, but all in all it was a pretty good watch for a movie i picked at random on a long plane ride.
    i’d recommend watching it before you knock it x

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