!! OMG, He’s Game : Luke Perry poses with fans at comic book convention !!

So Luke Perry (aka my former future husband Dylan McKay) went to a comic book convention and boy does he have the pictures to prove it. The aging teenage rebel was kind enough to pose with all manner of fans for a series of intimate portraits like the one above. Ever the consumate professional, he manages to maintain his trademark (if dogeared) cool despite the utter insanity unfolding around him… and sometimes on top of him!
More of my favorites are after the jump.
[Buzzfeed via Gawker]

As a sidenote: Luke, my mom would tell you in a flat second that the reason you have all those wrinkles on your forehead now is because you thought it was all cute to be making this face in every single picture you took between the years 1990 and 1996. And did you ever think about moisturizing?!? I’m guessing no. Don’t worry, I still think you’re hot. Come take a picture with me!

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  1. He really should have shaved for those photos, come on.


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