!! OMG, he said it: Andrew Sullivan on why gays shouldn’t be Republicans !!

A month or two ago, I did a post about why it’s not okay to be a gay Republican. Of course, several readers pointed out that I don’t know what the f*ck I’m talking about, which, well, maybe that’s true!
How about famo conservative non-Republican pundit Andrew Sullivan? I’ve certainly disagreed with a lot of what he’s written over the years (but also agreed with a lot of it!) and you have to admit that he’s a lot more reasonable and authoritative than little old me. He has a blog and everything!
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4 Comments on "OMG, he said it: Andrew Sullivan on why gays shouldn’t be Republicans"

  1. Out and Proud Conservative. There are lots of us who feel the Dems and Liberals are WRONG on way to many issues. WE SHALL OVERCOME! WE WILL CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS! WE WILL NOT FEED ON IDENTITY POLITICS!
    Try opening your mind and shutting your piehole for once.

  2. Sullivan–level-headed? This man can be called many things….highly intelligent, self-righteous, delusional….but not level-headed. This man has never appeared in a public forum where he has NOT shrilly and hysterically attacked other people speaking at said forum–he is Michelle Malkin with gonads. Need proof–go to the Cato.org website and take a gander at any video they have of him. This is a man who once hellaciously attacked David Brooks (one of the most boring men on the planet) for being a tool and cheerleader of the Religious Right. Does that sound level-headed to you?

  3. I only vote with my dick in the bedroom. There is an alarming amount of fascism in gay political circles. Not following the party line does not make me a traitor. My opinion may be wrong but that is my right.

  4. I’ll concede that he is rather level headed (for a republican). but, i must bring attention to the bit about ‘gay marriage is fundamentally a state issue’ – this underscores a major issue with the gay conservative mindset. CIVIL RIGHTS SHOULD NOT BE A MATTER FOR STATE GOVERNMENT. ugh. it just disgusts me. We ought to take a page from the women’s civil rights movement – wherein Washington (with the support of the National Women’s Party – which aligned itself with the Wilson administration) sought to quiet the issue of women’s right to the vote by insisting it be a state issue… it took the cries of radical activists demanding that the vote for women be federally mandated to bring about any appreciable change. …Ultimately, leaving the right to marriage for gays and lesbians in the hands of the state equates to passivism.

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