!! OMG, He’s a Naked Senator: Scott Brown !!

The new senator from Massachusetts may be a teabagging lunatic, but who cares?! He’s hot and his daughter was on American Idol! I didn’t want healthcare anyway! Pssht!
So you probably already heard that Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley in the special election for the Massachusetts senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy. You might have even seen his semi-nude pictures from Cosmo when I posted them back in September. But now that he’s a real senator and everything, I figured I’d post them again– here they are, after the jump and semi-SFW. (NO D, sorry guys!)


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9 Comments on "OMG, He’s a Naked Senator: Scott Brown"

  1. Didn’t the Democrat super-hero Bill Clinton create DADT? Under his administration the discharging of homosexuals soared from 600 a year to 2400 a year by the time he left office. I didn’t vote for Bush but as soon as he became president that practice dropped to below Clinton’s lowest levels. I voted for Clinton but he was more interested in power and sex for himself than power and sex for homosexuals. Obama doesn’t seem any more interested in homos than as a taken-for-granted voting block.

  2. Waitaminit? This is Ayla’s dad?
    I feel creeped/torn. I really liked her on idol.
    Now I’m looking at her dad naked, and there’s the whole issue of what this will do to the Obama administration.
    *chuckle* Ok, then. I feel like blogging.

  3. Geez, the controversy over this on blog and forum sites around the world is getting intense. I know he’s a Republican but he’s actually been known to have half an open mind about some liberal (OK, basic human rights) issues. I’ve always taken the shallow position that no matter who they are, if your interest in them is purely sexual (Eminem, Shane & Colton Keough, sons of Jeana on Housewives of Orange County, most country singers), grab the Fleshlite and have at it.

  4. I need more proof before I slander people by calling them racists. I don’t believe that merely being a Republican makes one a racist/homophobe the same way I don’t believe that being a democrat makes one the opposite. Many Democrats have no problem using racism, sexism, homophia, etc against their enemies.

  5. And I’ve had it up to here with with gays thinking that anyone who is Republican or Conservative is anti-gay. What happend to the promises of the Progressive Democrats? Clinton was going to abolish DADT. What Happened? Obama was going to abolish DADT. He was going to sign an executive order to allow gays in the military. He was going to work for the defeat of the DOMA etc. Progressivves and Democrats lie and tell us what we want to hear and most of you fall head over heels to vote for them. Same with promises of citizenship and/or amnesty and the Latinos can’t vote fast enough and for what? At least with a Repulican I know where MOST, not all, of them stand. You want all Americans to have the image that we’re all drag queens?, that we’re all pedophiles? That we all flip our wrists and like to play house? No, because we’re all different! Don’t paint everybody with such a broad brush – we dont want that ourselves. They haven’t lied to us like Democrats & progessives just to get our votes and then kick our asses out of bed before dawn like most of your “dates” because “I’ve got to get up early tomorrow” As far as his daughter singing as bad as his ball sack smells. How the fu&k would you know? And then you talk kabout wanting respect. Give it and you might get it!

  6. i agree howie.
    and now that he’s been elected to the senate, the possibility of the historic health care bill passing, hangs in the balance.
    the dude is worse than bush and this win gives him the green light to run for presidency.

  7. Just here to second beau kner’s comment. While I understand bmad’s post was predominately sarcastic, I don’t think we should be paying this fellow any compliments. The gay community consistently sacrifices its dignity the minute a pretty straight boy (no matter how bigoted) walks by. I’ve had it up to here.

  8. who cares? i care! i bet his racist, homophobic, bigoted balls smell like crap. his daughter sings about as well as his balls smell.

  9. Wow! What a hunk…Do we know when these pictures were taken? He seems to have aged extremely well. I don’t care for the gray hair, but that’s the ‘Hairstylist’ in me.

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