!! OMG, He’s A Porn Star: Rico from I Love New York !!

Life can be strange for ex-suitors of Tiffany “Miss New York” Pollard. Sometimes you go on to marry Jennifer Hudson. Sometimes you go on to Jake Cruise.
You might remember “Rico” from season one of VH1’s dating/minstrel show, I Love New York, in which he was eliminated in the fifth episode for “Not stepping it up.” You might also remember him from an appearance on Judge Joe Brown, in which he was forced to repay $3 grand he owed his roommate. More likely, you remember him from when some ho poured chocolate syrup all over his D on the Playboy channel.
Now he’s back and more naked than ever! Jake Cruise, creepy grandpa to the whole internet, has turned Rico from reality TV whore to real life porn star! (Link NSFW) I wonder what Sister Patterson thinks of this?
I am sad to say that I have no pictures of Rico to offer here cause I’m not about to go pay for them, but you can watch a short sample clip of Rico’s straight love scene at Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. Beware: not only is it straight-up porn and thus NSFW, there is a also a lady in it.

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7 Comments on "OMG, He’s A Porn Star: Rico from I Love New York"

    This just posted today!
    No need to avoid the “lady parts” as there are NONE!
    “His chiseled abs, his round and firm butt and his beautiful uncut dick are all on display for you but it’s that GUSHER of a cum shot that will make you think you might need a rain coat. Seriously, this stud is a one-man Bukakae movie.”

  2. here’s another link to pics of him

  3. The picture are freely available at Queer click
    He’s fugly, but has a hot dick.
    TJ, plenty of gay guys like watching straight porn. Just like plenty of straight guys like watching it too.

  4. I’m confused by this, ‘straight guys for gay eyes’. He’s hot, but why would a gay guy want to watch straight sex? Not sure I get it, but I guess I’m just old school and like gay porn.

  5. Alex in Boston | October 5, 2009 at 2:31 pm | Reply

    Nice to see the clip and not so nice to see these str8 porn stars having BB sex!! so where is the outcry when Str8 porn stars engage in Unsafe behavior?????

  6. You can also watch a sample video at rockettube.com or at gaydailyhot.com nice cock and body on Rico

  7. Here you can download the sample video & photo set for Marco Rivera

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