!! OMG, he’s in ‘Playgirl’: Madison Hildebrand !!

25-year-old Arizona real estate agent Madison Hildebrand was the youngest contestant on Bravo’s real estate reality show Million Dollar Listing, and he’s already using his new-found fame for financial gain by posing for Playgirl.
Alas, he doesn’t show us the goods, but a little pube is better than nothing. See the NSFW shots after the jump.

(via The Sword)

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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s in ‘Playgirl’: Madison Hildebrand"

  1. Elanore Rigby | August 20, 2014 at 8:34 pm | Reply

    You people are mean and ignorant if you are not a fan of his why not just shut your ugly pie hole and keep your comments to yourself

  2. Madison is a handsome guy-but, at some point all the dieting and working out don’t add up. He looks unhealthy in these photos.
    He should spend some time giving back to his community or volunteering to build some character. Pretty need not be vapid.
    He’s still young so I am going to be optimistic that he can develop character-he seems to have a nice family-he just needs to focus more on what’s on the inside than the outside-because none of that lasts forever or adds up…

  3. No…NO…NOOO! If he were nicer and less arrogant, it would make his womanly body seem maybe 1 or 2% more attractive. Maybe. I kind of feel badly, saying that. But god, it is the truth. ..No thank you.


  5. You know he doesn’t look too bad but his personality kind of is a turn off. He seems sort of like ‘look at me’ type of person. But still not horrible, but average at best.

  6. he was not the youngest, Josh was, he had his 22nd birthday on the show, josh btw is at least 100 times hotter then madison is.

  7. I’ve seen him on Million Dollar Listing (now that they finally air it in Canada, same with Flipping Out) and he looks WAY better than he does in these pics.

  8. Hes bi and major sexy! He makes my dick hard and i would love to date him.

  9. I think he’s in nice shape, and find it sad that he didn’t “fluff” for the shoot. I think it’s strange that his slightly crooked teeth are whiter than his briefs.

  10. I was more impressed by the item at the top of the cover about Kelly Rippa’s man showing his ass!

  11. he doesn’t even fill his undies…

  12. Looks much better with the clothes ON!!!

  13. isn’t he gay now?

  14. Not attractive, strange body, and bad hair. Looks much better in the OMG pic than in Playgirl. Not much better, but at least the bad hair is gone.

  15. He looks older than 25 and he’s average at best (looks/body/package). Playgirls men have become a bit to metrosexual for me. I miss the days of hairy rugged natural guy next door types.

  16. nice…but really should show us something to wanna buy the magazine.


  18. He has a hot body, but his face is prettier in the fully clothed pic…maybe it’s the short hair…but either way I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. 🙂

  19. Alan down in Florida | July 25, 2008 at 11:35 am | Reply

    If the ladies find anything appealing about this dude it is his money. My guess is his commissions are bigger than his hidden goods. B O R I N G

  20. He’d better use his young age and nice body while he can because he’s butt ugly in the face department and won’t be looked at twice in a few years!

  21. Lame!

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