!! OMG, he’s missing: Gay Pastor Paul !!

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Yes, another pastor from Colorado has resigned because he had some gay sex. His name is Paul Barnes of the 2100-strong Grace Chapel in Englewood, and as of today on the Internet, he no longer exists.
Not only has he been erased from Grace Chapel’s website, but it seems that even Google is complicit in his cyber-disappearance, as none of gracechapel.org’s web pages appear in a Google search, and consequently are also missing from Google’s cache.
Internetarchive.org is also a useless tool, as Grace Chapel has blocked access to its website with a robots.txt file. It seems that someone doesn’t want us to know that Paul Barnes ever existed.
However, I found old versions of gracechapel.org on Yahoo! and have posted them here, with now-missing references to Paul Barnes highlighted in yellow. If you visit gracechapel.org today, you will see that all mentions of “Pastor Paul” have been obliterated within less than 24 hours of his gay confession.
One thing I couldn’t find in my search was a photo of Pastor Paul. If any of you locate one, please send it to me, as I’m curious to see if he looks as gayfacey as Ted Haggard (whose website is fascinatingly enough “in transition.” Perhaps you will soon have to pay to access “special” areas of the site?).
See a couple more pre-confession screen shots of gracechapel.org after the jump, including a listing of Pastor Paul’s recent sermons that have such foreshadowing titles as “I’m Divin’ In” parts 1 through 4.

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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s missing: Gay Pastor Paul"

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  2. You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!m

  3. Most Christians dont act like Christians…My feeling are Christianity’s main focus is supposed to be change through compassion. That is my view anyway and I try not to judge people because of their actions, that is God’s job not ours. Our job is to love him and one another.
    Nate 😀

  4. Hi all, I am new to this site. Just wanted to respond to Diana. You are right – Christians are hypocritical, b/c they are 100% ignorant. I am a Christian, who is straight. But I am also a scientist. And, when I tried to talk to them that persons ARE born gay (must scientific proof for this), they practically threw me out. It is so sad, the inner workings of “Christian” churches. They truly should be pitied for their insecure clinging to ignorance from the pulpit. God no doubt just shakes his/her head at their dogmatic desire to stick their head in the ground. Just know, God created all people of all orientations. It is the Christians that are to be pitied. THey are the pathetic ones, my friends. Love to you all, and know God loves you, even if ignorant ppl “speaking for him” don’t (b/c they are clueless).
    –A straight, scientist, who was kicked out of church for trying to speak the truth about evolution, homosexuality, and a few other major misconceptions. (But, I still love God, and know I am loved back. And so should all people.)

  5. I’ve never understood why they hate us so much. I mean, they are supposed to be Christians, right?

  6. keep up the good work

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