!! OMG, he’s naked: 6 Gauge from Daisy of Love !!

Oh we’ve got a classy one for you today, folks. Some extreme scumbag named 6 Guage from the Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love spinoff Daisy of Love is naked in the shower with a penis-pump. Check out the NSFW photos after the jump.
Thanks to Yahdan for the pics!


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15 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: 6 Gauge from Daisy of Love"

  1. It looks so messed up because he just got done with a penis pump. Distorted any hope of looking natural.

  2. is he deformed?

  3. He looks so much better on tv. These pics room my fantasy of what i thought it would be. I wouldn’t have kicked him out of my bed… but now – okay I still wouldn’t. But I might give him a nudge to not talk…> shhh

  4. OMG, What the hell is up with the first photo?! He looks like a corpse! and who did his circumscision? Jason with no eye holes in a hockey mask?

  5. Why does this look like this? That is a dark room intercourse penis. Turn off the lights… please.

  6. Looks tasty! Dunno what you guysa re talking about! Still prefer this over some cheesy/smelly foreskin! Looks miles better!
    The guy is like some Trailer Trash fling! I would do him for a night!

  7. Yeah, he’s not my speed, and someone really did butcher the poor bloke.

  8. Reason number 2944903844 why I hate circumcision: it can cause a penis to come out looking like some retarded 3 year old hacked at it with a rusty saw.

  9. I thought he looked familiar when I was watching Daisy of Love…

  10. Okay.
    I’ll admit how ironic this is.
    When you posted that douchebag Shawn Southern, despite his nice muscled body, I thought to myself, “Jesus, if they’re posting this white trash they can at least post some of the hotties from Daisy of Love.”
    Now if you just find nudes of 12 Pack, I can have my white trash cake and eat it, too.

  11. Ohhhh…..It’s so cute!

  12. He’s not that much of a scumbag, actually. Flex, Sinister & 20 Pack are WAY worse!
    Hmmm… pretty decent, I guess. Nothign to write home about, but not bad really

  13. guh-ross. what sort of butcher job was done on his foreskin?? Looks like an overgrilled hotdog, only not as large.

  14. ewww!
    why does he shave everything except that silly goatee?! it just makes him look blobbish. 😀

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