!! OMG, how ineffective: Butch Wing !!

A prison in Virginia is reportedly rounding up the butch-looking female prisoners and segregating them into an area they call the “Butch Wing”. They’re doing this to “curb sexual activity”. Yes, the best way to stop lesbians from hooking up is to throw them in a room together. It’s like the gay version of “The Bachelor” that I always dreamed about where the series would only last one episode cause all of the contestants would end up hooking up with each other at the house. They would have a “stemming the rose” ceremony and everyone would go home happy.

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  1. Um, it’s not to stop the lesbians from getting together; it’s to prevent any molesting of other prisoners who wish to have no part in this. Lawsuit was pending if the prison didn’t protect the straight women from rape..

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