!! OMG, new Róisín Murphy single: Mamma’s Place !!


On Dec. 15, pop singer Róisín Murphy gave birth to a baby daughter with an Irish name we’re not entirely sure how to pronounce: Clodagh Henwood. Apparently not one to rest, she’s announced plans for a new single, appropriately called “Mamma’s Place”. It’s a seriously hard early 90s-style house track and it’s due out on Jan. 18 via online distributor AWAL. Full release details and single tracklisting via her unofficial fansite. Crank your volume and listen to “Mamma’s Place” above!

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3 Comments on "OMG, new Róisín Murphy single: Mamma’s Place"

  1. this song makes my weewee jump

  2. Thanks for clearing that up! There never seems to be an Irish person around when I really need one.

  3. Clodagh is pronounced “Clo-da” the gh is usually silent in the Irish language.

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