!! OMG, he’s naked: Ari Borovoy !!

Mexican singer Ari Borovoy flashes his buns while flying over a city in the film Deseo. See the NSFW shots after the jump!
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12 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ari Borovoy"

  1. imaginasiaworld.com | April 30, 2009 at 3:33 am | Reply

    What!? No dick? I thought he was going to be “naked”.

  2. WOW! This guy is really hot, very famous Mexican guy who used to be in the and OV7 (Onda Vaselina) in the better part of the 90’s, has a solo career now! I want to see his penis, he’s Jewish so he’s surely CUT! YUMMY his ass is delish!

  3. Well he is technically naked. Kinda cute in the profile pic. tight ass.

  4. cloris clitoris | April 16, 2009 at 5:05 pm | Reply


  5. Not that impressive… I’d tap it but….
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  6. Aye….que culo lindo =)
    I notice he likes to get naked in his videos too….fine by me! His music is a little to ‘Latino-Emo’ for me but the scenery is nice.

  7. As I have said before, just read the couple of lines before hitting the ‘after the jump’ button. Its not that difficult. It always explains what you are going to see.

  8. ok retards… NAKED does NOT mean a PENIS shot. it means someone is NAKED. the guy above is in fact NAKED. please stop being dumb. thank you.
    … and nice ass.

  9. I Know Right? where’s the sausage shot! tight booty though! 🙂

  10. OMG! agrees with Andy S.
    I thought it was settled that you would use “his butt” for these types of pics.
    Anyway, I’d like to see more of this guy.

  11. Naked should mean penis.

  12. aww! just but shots! how come this was labeled ‘omg he’s naked’ instead of just ‘omg his butt’? I was all excited for nothing

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