!! OMG, he’s naked: Bear Grylls !!

All you Discovery Channel fans will recognize British explorer Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls from his popular show Man vs. Wild, where he braves the wilderness in all sorts of shocking ways, such as stripping naked in Siberia. If only Anderson Cooper were so devoted to his craft.

See a NSFW still after the jump where the cameras caught a little more than they were supposed to.

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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Bear Grylls"

  1. God I want his big cock up my ass

  2. I have heard as well that in the UK where he is from they don’t blur the nudity. If that was true it would be so easy to find photos of his penis. I remember a episode where he was some place really cold. He made his knife stick to the palm of his hand if he would of tried to remove it the flesh would of came off with it. so he was taught to pee on it. The Knife Fell off. that would be the perfect picture for me!

  3. bear is such a hot guy if it is possible for him then i want ……. from him.

  4. Abhijeet Thool | October 20, 2012 at 4:53 am | Reply

    hey Bear is very hot & sexy can I see his big bulge..

  5. Now why can’t we see more explicit nude pics of Bear. man he looks HOT in his TV series. Also on my list for more nude pics are: Kevin Brauch (he seems to be a dark horse), Steven Gerrard & John Terry Both well hung.

  6. I can’t really tell what I’m trying to look at, but “Bear” is a very hot, cute, sexy, and sweet guy. I would love to top him, him top me, do all kinds of guy-guy stuff… heat him up basically.

  7. It’s because he’s hard and it’s pointing right at you!

  8. I agree about the head and the heart being the most important part of a man. But they are hard to get into my mouth…

  9. Although I’ve been a gay man for fourty five yrs. I cannot understand why “the package”, is the only thing so many people are interested in. I always thought the head( the one on the shoulders), and the heart were the most important parts of a man!

  10. That episode was shot in like the Arctic Circle where he jumped into the water to show what it did to your body. Jeff Stryker would have shrunk that small if he’d been there.

  11. That hardly looks like a ballsac, that looks like a grey double-open-ended can with his penis in it.
    We are really really depraved and desperate people, aren’t we?

  12. It’s kind of hard to see, but I’ll take any bit of Bear anyday! Great find!

  13. The cameras caught VERY little. Supposedly in the UK they don’t blur his bits, in which case there ought to be much better shots out there somewhere from scenes where he was peeing on his shirt, peeing in a container to drink, and other fun; seriously. Those scenes would be more interesting for another reason too – I just don’t think a scene where he’s coming out of freezing water are going to show him in true form. Regardless, his build and nearly hairless look is very 12 year old boy like, and I just can’t find that sexy. The name Bear is so off the mark.

  14. THANKS!!!! I’ve been waiting for SO long to see him naked. Are there any more/or the clip?
    Thanks again and keep up the great work. Whenever I hear there is a famous guy naked, this is my first stop.

  15. sack sack is alllll i see!
    i understand why at least!

  16. a “little” more than they were supposed to is right. but lordie, it looks cold there. he’s a handsome man, fer sho.

  17. but what is it? is that lump his balls? i’ve even enlarged it on my screen and can’t really tell… he’s hot, but i just can’t make out the package parts!

  18. I always watch his show and he really likes to get naked! too bad there’s always a blur where the goodies are. So cool to finally *see him*

  19. does anyone know which episode this is off of so that I can find it and TiVo it and watch his balls flail on the super big screen……LOL

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