!! OMG, he’s naked: Bryan Brown !!

Today I’m bringing you an oldie but a goodie with stills and clips from the 1979 film The Odd Angry Shot. Specifically, you’ll see a shower scene with Australian actor Bryan Brown (when he was younger) and three other guys naked in an outdoor shower. See it all after the jump (NSFW)!

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
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11 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Bryan Brown"

  1. I remember renting this movie in the 80s and how thrilled I was to see this shower seen, but disappointed that Bryan Brown was just out of view. I played around with the horizontal control on the TV, and lo and behold, Bryan’s peen! However, I have never seen stills as revealing as these. Thank you!

  2. They all have small cocks

  3. Uncut and fat one.

  4. He also got some nude/bun shots in The ThornBirds, got any to post ?…

  5. FYI: regarding foreskins; even intact, natural guys can retract their foreskin and look circumcised. It can happen voluntarily while urinating or involuntary due to temperature changes. In other words, it’s sometimes easier to tell if someone ISN’T circumcised than if someone IS.

  6. hee hee. his penis sticks out funny

  7. One of the others in the shots is John Jarrett from the Wolf Creek movie. Nice to see him not be so scary. (he is the one holding the brush in the last shot).

  8. Bryan was yummie in “The Thorn Birds.” In the book, you learn that he ends up leaving Meggie for Arne, his “mate.”

  9. I have always wanted a piece of Bryan ever since Breaker Morant…….Thanks!!!!

  10. Cut or uncut?…can’t really tell.

  11. I still have fond memories of BB’s gloriously bare chest in The Thornbirds and F/X.

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