!! OMG, it’s rainin’ McCain !!

This new DIY political ad for John McCain supports a fact I have long maintained: Republicans can’t sing.
Don’t miss the sexy eyes from the older lady in the blue sweater at 2:08 and the general dumb sluttiness from the one in the black off-the-shoulder number. (via Feyfriends)

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6 Comments on "OMG, it’s rainin’ McCain"

  1. the mentally challenged should not have access to electronic equipment. period.

  2. I like how the old one randomly becomes invisible….

  3. lol, that was absolutely the worst thing i’ve ever seen or heard in my life.
    i’m especially fond of how they do green-screening for the video when one of their “singers” is wearing green! nothing like a floating, dismembered, 90-year-old head in front of an american flag singing out of tune to a classic gay anthem in support of a republican to make you say “wow.”
    where did this come from so that we can go heckle them on their homepage??

  4. Why use a gay anthem to support an anti-gay candidate?
    I hope all the Republican homophobes who hate that song see this and it ends up backfiring.

  5. Wow. That’s absolutely breathtaking.
    Too bad 86% of the notes were out of tune, and the lead singer had fucked-up baby teeth.
    Gross. One more reason to support the Dems…

  6. Oh but the best is when the lead “singer” washes her face in little McCain’s at 1:58.

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