!! OMG, he’s naked: Cheyenne Jackson !!

Openly gay Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson is the object of many theater queens’ (and other queens too for that matter) desire. After the jump see an extremely NSFW photo of Cheyenne in a state of arousal that is either fake or is the result of a weak moment on Manhunt. You tell us what you think!

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32 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Cheyenne Jackson"

  1. I enjoy watching at his photos ,!,

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. After the video release I guess we all know this photo is the real deal now
    Thanx Cheyenne you tease you

  4. Barbarba Goodsen | February 24, 2013 at 8:24 am | Reply

    He should try porn instead of acting….

  5. Omg……..you pathetic losers. Who gives a fuck? Why don’t you crack whores lay off the drugs, stop playing with your limp dicks, and get a fucking life?

  6. Johnny Suriyasak | August 1, 2010 at 4:00 am | Reply

    OMG that’s totally real. That’s hot though shit he can stick that in me anyday he wanted too. God he turns me on more so then anyone ever has 🙂
    8=====D :O suckie fuckie

  7. Wow- you’d definitely feel that…

  8. Oh its definitely Cheyenne, a friend of a friend is Cheyenne’s friend and he told him that he took the picture himself and his publicist told him to deny and say it was photo-shopped you bad boy Cheyenne! LOL Love It!!!

  9. That is absolutely NOT Vincent Gallo.

  10. you’re all wrong. the photo is real but it’s Vincent Gallo

  11. I don’t care if it’s fake, or someone else entirely, it’s still such a smokin’ pic! I didn’t even notice the couch, lamp, or anything else with the big, curved cock in the foreground!!!

  12. bet you a million dollars that’s him. i can tell from the beautiful eyes….and FUPA.

  13. Look, here are some facts.. there’s a flash lighting that nice dong, so the color SHOULD be more washed out than that which is further from the light. Also, he probably HAS at least one dick (some have two.. look it up!), and that’s probably his. Anyway, what dork photoshops in another person’s tool? He’s too confident to mess with 5th grade tricks like that. Good for him.

  14. *sigh* “Photoshop photoshop photoshop.” Everyone swears everything is photoshopped but none of you a$$clowns have any idea how to use photoshop nor can you identify a photo that has been digitally altered. Leave the photoshopping comments to the photo editors and graphic designers.

  15. OH DAMN! That’s MY dick!!!

  16. i don’t know about you guys but my cock is darker than the rest of my body

  17. It looks pretty damn real to me, and as for the tacky lamp and decor, I’m sure it’s a hotel room. I think it’s him.


  19. Hot guy. Ugly penis.

  20. This is fake you can see pixilated areas on the shoulder and face were this has been photoshopped

  21. Look at the face, the eye is totally pixilated. There is also a photoshop mark ( line) by / on the shoulder as well.
    You don’t see where the penis attaches to the body. This is most likely a fake.

  22. gawd, what is that hideous room he is in?

  23. Graded on a cruve he’d get an A!

  24. This pic is a fake, other sites have posted and can not verify it’s authenticity. Photoshop 101, sad there is no disclaimer

  25. I think we’re all missing something very important here. By focusing on Cheyenne’s penis we have completely overlooked that hideous looking lamp in the background. Homeboy is a successful Broadway star; can’t he afford descent lighting?

  26. Nice photoshop! This isn’t him sadly.

  27. FAKE!

  28. i think fake, unfortunately. If you’ve seen him with his shirt off, his body is better than that.

  29. I don’t think it’s real. I don’t he would be caught dead on the sofa and I’m not even going to bother commenting on that table lamp.

  30. It’s definitely him. The upper lip, nose, and eyes are a match.

  31. Unfortunately, MANHUNT knows nothing about Cheyenne Jackson’s penis, which is kind of a shame if you ask me. Just sayin’!

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