!! OMG, how frightening: Michael Jackson’s Auction Items !!

Even though the auction was canceled one lucky customer got to snap some photos of the items up for bid before they were shipped back to Neverland or wherever the hell MJ is holing himself up these days.
You can see the full slideshow HERE or check out some of our faves (with commentary) after the jump.
Thanks to Frauelein and TABLOID PRODIGY for sending us to this.

Look out, Tiny Tom of Finland, after you finally put out and Michael’s done with you he’ll cast you aside before you can count the candles on your 12th birthday cake. Why do you think that kid behind you is crying?
Which is the most disturbing…the crying child that Mikey left behind, the baby in a diaper striking a Playboy pose, or the girl whose ass is out to make it look like child nudity is “okay”? Who the hell painted this?
I sense a theme here…maybe crying young boys were all Michael saw for a long time and then once the trials were over he missed them?
I know what these are. Why do I know what these are? Wait – is this what Blanket and Prince look like without the face-coverings?
No…words…should have…sent…a poet!

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2 Comments on "OMG, how frightening: Michael Jackson’s Auction Items"

  1. i cant stand MJ haters!!

  2. Alright, it already pissed me off about the little boy crying and the first few captions, but dont even f****** think about making fun of his children!!!!!

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